Just Be Happy

Depression…It’s like screaming but you can’t be heard…It’s like drowning, although you know how to swim…It’s like forgetting how to breathe, it’s something everyone does automatically but we don’t realize it.
And that is exactly how depression feels like…You’re drowning in a sea of people and they don’t realize because they think you are perfectly fine. They were wrong. Behind every smile there is a story that has never been told, whether it be traumatic or too heart wrenching for those to hear. There will always be a story that can slice others in two, if they dare to hear it. Those who hear it may not understand it but those who do understand, knows exactly what you are going through. Depression to some people is a “Trend”, something that is short term! But what they don’t see is that depression has a much deeper meaning than that.
Suffering from depression isn’t a trend…Its far from it! You can feel depressed for a day or so, but to be diagnosed with Depression makes you feel like you are dying from a fatal disease. They say, unless you suffer from it, you’ll never truly understand it, but why? Yes, you’ll never feel exactly the same as they do, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try and emphasis with them! They don’t want sympathy! They want empathy! Someone to understand exactly what is going on, even if you don’t understand it yourself, someone can at least try to help you!
Now that’s one thing that gets me, people don’t know what happens inside someone’s mind because it’s not physically visible but it doesn’t mean that it’s not there. A Mental Illness is just as important as a Physical Illness. You should never be made to feel like utter shit because of your illness, but no matter what, you’ll still go these assholes that bring you down and don’t understand. “Just be Happy”, “It’s all in your head!” I know it’s all in my head so why do those people need to keep reminding me of that? And, what is there to be happy about? I’m not going to be up and jumping about in the mornings parading around saying “Yay I’m Depressed!”
Honestly though, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, but we still feel like we are. It’s like society has put another label on us just to make us feel more shit, like we didn’t feel like it anyway…
Depression used to be a subject that no one ever talked about because they believed it didn’t exist, although times have changed it still isn’t talked about enough. People across the world still suffer from it and it’s wrong to tell people that it simply doesn’t exist, or implying it even because that is just as bad. It can make you feel so alone, like you have no one there for you, but I promise it does go away eventually, even if it’s just for a few days, that is still something right?

Till next time…Amber


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