So today, I decided to write a blog about social media, now this has been one of the main aspects of my life, well of the Seventeen years that I’ve been alive. The reason for this was because it was a way to connect with old friends and too make New Friends, but that hasn’t been it. Majority of my arguments that I have had with people, and I’m sure yours too, have been through the Internet, I am the first to admit that I’ve had arguments on Facebook. Some turned out for the better but some turned out for the worst.

The problem with Facebook, Instagram and all those sorts of applications is that we never quite know what people mean. I may interpret something completely differently to you perhaps but they could of meant it in a entirely different way.It is a tricky and messy situation to be in, you sometimes feel like the whole world is against you, it doesn’t even have to be in a group chat, it could just be one person!

But the wonderful thing about Social Media is meeting new friends, due to them having the same interests as you maybe or because they are just awesome! Now that’s one of the positives to the magical world of Social Networking. But that’s not it; when I’m feeling down, the first thing I normally do is vent about it through a tweet. I know I can’t do this for the rest of my life but it does help, even for that split second.
I have also been known to worry about what I post, in case some one sees it like someone I am not close to at school and then they start spreading round gossip about “Oh such and such Self Harms” or other bullshit like that and they start to twist your words.Now that’s the risky part about the world of the internet. You get those vile people, who think it’s fun to mess with your head or to make you feel worse! Some times you’ve just got to ignore it and realize that they are hiding behind a computer screen and aren’t brave enough to say it too your face, so really who is the bigger person? The ones who don’t retaliate or the ones that do?

Now, I’ve had my fair share of internet fights, some with my closest friends but some with those who I used to consider friends…Until I came to my senses and realized that they were not worth my spit! Friends who can’t say anything about the problems they have with you to your face, are not true friends. I had that happen to me one too many times…They all thought they were helping me by having a go at me about my depression…Now that’s not my fault, I can’t control how I feel and no one should get blamed for feeling like that, and yet, we are still treated like a disease. This Is Wrong! No one should be fighting anything alone but sometimes the ones who support you the most, aren’t the ones sitting next to you, it’s the ones that are miles away, that you may have met through social networking like I did! And honestly, I sometimes feel they care about me more than my friends that live 5 minutes away…Now that’s saying something!

Till Next Time…Amber.


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