So What Do You Mean?

So, it has been a while since I last posted, sorry for that, I am shit at keeping up to date with these sorts of things. I guess it’s a fatal flaw of mine, and a big one too. But I have many flaws that I still yet to improve upon, it is all a learning curve just like becoming an adult.

Today I wanted to talk about meaning, not some clique thing about the meaning of life, but the meaning behind certain things like songs and stories and how people interpret them differently. In some ways it’s good to have different interpretations of things because it is clear that a certain thing affects people in a precise way. But on the other hand it is not a good thing as it can cause conflict between friends and lead to arguments. I have had my fair share of arguments in my lifetime, especially in the last year and honestly it was all to do with misunderstanding mostly.

You can give someone so much hell over the internet or through text, but when it comes to saying it to there face, they freeze and can’t do it. Probably because they can’t hide behind a screen like many people do, as living life on the internet is easier than facing reality itself. But if I’m honest a lot of arguments are caused through miscommunication, you can mean something in one thing but others may see it in a different light. It’s shitty and horrible but it’s the fact of life.

Meanings are a massive part of peoples lives, either long term or day to day, you can mean so much to someone but that could either be as friends or romantically involved and you could mean nothing at all to them. It’s fucking horrible when that happens, but like they say, Life goes on.

One of the things I love about meanings are the meanings behind songs. They change the whole view of the song, like the lyrics portray exactly how you are feeling and it is the best feeling in the world, well not the best, that is an exaggeration  but it is a good feeling.

Sorry it’s short this week, but I’ve been so stressed recently, will post as soon as possible.


Till next time, Amber.


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