Keep Smiling.

So this week I wanted to move onto a brighter topic as for the past few weeks they have been quite down and not helping at all apart from me being able to vent.

Happiness is a weird concept; you can be happy but is it ever truthful? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It’s just a case of finding what makes you truly happy, it could be something that means the world to you or just the little things in life that make you smile, even on your darkest days.

For me it’s always being out and about or simply seeing my little nieces, they always manage to bring a smile to my face, even when I don’t feel like there is anything to smile about. That’s the great thing about happiness, it’s the small things that are so insignificant to others but mean the world to you as a person.

I know it’s difficult being happy sometimes, you feel like you’re in a hole in the ground and being buried beneath it, but honestly when you find that something that makes you genuinely happy, nothing in the world can stop you. Like I said, it’s just a case of finding whatever makes you happy and pursuing in it.

Some things that help me maintain happiness is reminding myself of all the great people I have around me, I chose who I wanted in my life and chose who I wanted out of it. I like my decision of who I wanted to stay in it because I wouldn’t be the person I am today if they weren’t there, taking every step with me along the path of life.

Even when I’m not happy, and I’m sure many of you do this too, you fake a smile just so people would stop asking you what’s wrong. Most of the time the person asking doesn’t care what the reason is, they are just trying to find something to make themselves feel better about their lives. You’re always going to get those people who say to you “Why can’t you just be happy?” Well it’s difficult, but too avoid answering the question we just sit there in silence, smiling away like nothing is wrong. When in reality your whole world could be crumbling down but you wouldn’t dare let anyone see you in that state of mind because it is awkward when you don’t have any reason to not be happy.

Even when stuff gets really fucking awful, just remember that people do care and love you because you are you! If people don’t like who you truly are, then they are fucking idiots and shouldn’t be small minded like many of the people out there!

Till next time, Amber.


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