If I did it for attention

As a lot of people know, I self harm, it’s a horrible addiction and a wretched trait that I wish I never got involved with. Once you start, that it’s, there is no going back…Even if your free from it for days, weeks, months even years, it will only take the smallest spark to set it off again.

Scars will stay with you for years on end, they will never truly go away, no matter how hard you try to get rid of them. They will be a constant reminding of how your life used to be like and how much it has changed over the years.

The media contributes a lot to the way people feel about self harm in today’s time. It’s horrible when you see people using it against others, it’s sick and twisted and totally uncalled for! No one deserves to have their self harm used against them, what they choose to do to their body, is up to them, they don’t need inconsiderate assholes making them feel worse about themselves. It doesn’t take much to set it off, only the smallest of things.
The media views Self Injury as a serious issue but also as something that people do for attention! It’s far from attention! It’s a cry for help, a way to cope with the pain that you are feeling and a way to feel pain towards yourself. No one should feel like their self harm is attention seeking because it is not! If anyone feels that way then just ignore the bullshitting liars, it’s difficult to ignore what they are saying but THEY WERE WRONG!

One of the things that really gets to me is certain TV programs using self harm for comic value. Some bring it up to raise awareness to variety of ages, make people feel less lonely and to find different ways to overcome there issues.But others seem to “make fun” of it as it where, use it just to get some laughs in their show, despite it being an issue that many young people are trying to get over.

I personally feel that it is wrong to use self harm for comic value, to make a TV program funnier! It is not funny to bring up an issue that people all over the world suffer with and add one of those “audience laughs” at the end as if it is something to be joked about! It’s sick and twisted and makes others insecure about what they do! No one should ever feel like there self harm is a fucking joke, no one would find it funny if they were the ones that caused it, would they?

Till next time, Amber.


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