*Censored* With Half A Story

This week’s title is a little odd but I think once I explain it, it’ll suddenly become clear. I wanted to talk about the media. Not just Social Media but media in general, like the news and Tv programs. All types of media normally come censored, with only a section of the story being published or with the minimum coverage of the back story to what has happened. It’s wrong and should not happen because how are people meant to help or make the world a better place if we don’t know exactly what is going on.

If we wanted to read half a story we would just rip out the ending or the middle of an all time classic novel, instead of soaking up each last detail of the book. It goes for TV shows too, if watch something to not pay attention or too take anything about it in, then there is pretty much no reason for us to watch it.

I understand that some times certain things need to be censored but lets take eating disorders for example, that’s something that does get pushed to the side when it is brought up. But it shouldn’t, these illness and habits are happening throughout the globe and still are NOT being talked about because the media decides to not cover it. If they were to actually raise awareness about these issues, then maybe the statics may go down, people could get better, feel less alone and could even make them have courage to speak up about what they are going through.

Yes there are budget cuts happening in the UK to the Mental Health departments but if young adults actually felt like they were in a safe environment and could open up without being judged, then maybe, just maybe the government would realize what state people are getting in and stop reducing the budgeting. It’s just a matter of finding the right help and the right people to share your thoughts with.

I could have done so much damage to the school I was at by going to the News Paper about them and what they had done to me! Leaving me without any counselling for well over a year after saying that they had referred me. If they were willing to help then things would have been severely different, I may have got higher grades in my GCSE’s and would not of had to be put on medication to help me get my life on track. But if I had gone to my local News Paper, what would that of done? For all I know they could of twisted what I had to say and given a message that is completely false.

If I could change what the media showed, I would, as there are some serious issues that need addressing. But obviously due to age ratings these things do not happen. Which is really fucking shitty.

Till Next Time, Amber.


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