“You’ve Changed”

I have to say one of the best things someone has ever said to me is, “You’ve Changed” because it means that I am no longer the person I used to be. Before, I felt like I was a really shitty person, well I still am a really crappy person, but less than before…If that makes any sense at all. It means that I’ve maybe outgrown some things or some people. Like I have defiantly out grown some of those twats I used to call my “friends” from school..They were just so childish, I can understand people having a laugh and a joke but not to the extent that these guys did. I would want to have a nice meal out or a girls night with some light drinks like wine or cider, they just wanted to play childish games and wouldn’t even touch anything to do with alcohol. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t need alcohol to have fun but I just wanted to remind myself, and them for that matter, that we were young adults and very close to the age of 18, were we could go out drinking and get pissed whenever the fuck we feel like it. I out grew them a long time ago, but if I had left them a lot sooner, I would of had no one. A bit like now, I have about 5 people I can count on, which isn’t always a bad thing because I know they are all real friends and not fakes.

Anyway getting back on topic, Change is a powerful thing, if done right, good or bad. Some may find some changes a good thing and others may find it bad, it all depends on there prescriptive. But I say as long as your happy, then that is all that should matter, everyone else can fuck off if I am being honest. If they don’t like the fact you’ve changed because you wanted to, then tell them where the fucking door is because there opinions are invalid to you as far as you are aware. Changing is apart of life, it’s apart of growing up, which many of us still have yet to do. I mean I’m still changing, I am changing every single day, making decisions in my life that could potentially change my life forever. But who the fuck cares though? Well a lot of people care but why should it matter about there opinions.

Another thing relating to change, is time. We are constantly moving forward even if sometimes we take a step back, we are still changing within our path right? We are still becoming someone different every day, even every second. It may not seem like a massive change, it could the slightest alter in something you do but when you look back, you’ll realize just how much it has affected you and you’ll be reminded of how you got there and who was with you every step of the way. You may not talk to those people anymore, which could be a sad thing but you’ll still look back and be thankful that they were there for you during this change in your life.

Whenever you have a massive change in your life, make sure it’s because YOU want to change and not because SOMEONE else wants to alter you. Your perfect in your own way and if they can’t see that, then they are a fucking waste of space.

Till Next Time, Amber.


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