Here…Have Some Stress

No one ever likes having unneeded stress in their lives, but you are always going to get those who cause you to go over the edge. It could be the smallest thing possible like not being able to understand one part of an equation or not being able to get everything complete within a deadline. Anything can cause you stress now a days. Even the internet, when it’s being incredibly slow or just is not doing what you want it to do, it can cause you to get angry and frustrated as it is not working, like it should do. I know that’s happened to me on more than one occasion.

For me, one of the worst times were I personally have been stressed has always been exam season. Doesn’t matter if it is mocks or sitting the real thing, I have always felt stressed. I can’t pin it all on myself though, and nor should anyone else, if you are stressed about exams, it’s natural but as long as you do the exam to the best of your ability then there is nothing more that you or anyone else can do. The best thing to do is relax and just remember that no matter what, you tried your hardest and there is no going back from it.
A high percentage of the stress during exam season could be caused by the teachers, trying to get you to get the best possible grades, not just for yourself, but for them as well. The higher the grades for each subject, the better pay they get and the better reputation the school will get.

People cope with there stress in different ways, some are good for your health and others not so much. Exercise is one of the best possible ways to relax and to release stress from your system. It releases endorphin’s, which is a chemical hormone that makes you happy, causing you to feel relaxed sooner or later. Now that is one of the best ways to release stress, means you can clear your head and possibly collect your thoughts, maybe gain inspiration for a piece of work you’ve been taking hours to write. But not everyone has the time to take a stroll or to have a  bike ride to the beach and back, so others use other devices to release stress.

Some smoke, some drink, some harm themselves. It’s just a case of finding whatever works for each individual. Yes it is less time consuming than exercising, drawing or whatever you do, but it does decline your health greatly. And in the long run, may make you more stressed or get withdrawal symptoms after you quit using that type of stress reliever. Both has it’s pros and cons, but that is like anything in this world, something is always going to be wrong with it.

The ultimate problem with stress is learning how to cope with it and finding a way that works for you. Also knowing when you’ve had enough to deal with and when to say “Enough is enough.” I guess I still need to learn to say that more often. It’s human nature to take on more things than you can handle, it mostly causes more harm than good, but some times you don’t know the consequences until it is too late.

That my friends, is the joys of stress.

Till Next Time, Amber.


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