The Semi-Butterfly Project.

As you can probably tell, this weeks blog is about Self Help. (I will put the websites at the bottom to all the sites I used to get information from.)

There are a variety of Projects that give support, and raise awareness, for things like Self Harm, Depression and other forms of Mental Illness. One that has been round for quite a while is The Butterfly Project, now this is to prevent self injury. You draw a Butterfly on the place where you would normally hurt yourself, and name it after someone you care about. Be it your best friend, your idol or even a pet, if you harm yourself whilst it is still visible, you’ve killed your butterfly. Now this is a good way, in some cases, to try and stop your addiction, it can work but if it doesn’t, it’s not the end of the world.

Now back in 2013 a new project had began, to help those going through tough times and struggling to cope with there heath, this project was known as “Project Semicolon.” The reason behind the name so that people believed “that this is not the end but a new beginning.” Which personally I think is a great slogan for a project like this, because people want to end it all at times, but this kind of brings back life into the dead. To prove that this isn’t the end for most of us, but just a new beginning for us all. As well as being a project, this is also a charity to create awareness for those who feel like they have no voice, it is also to help lower Suicide numbers around the world, to make others feel like they aren’t alone. To me, this is a truly inspirational project, based on someone’s life who wanted to make those, going through similar situations, or even completely different times, lives a bit better. This organization is an American Charity, but I’m sure you can still donate even if you don’t live that country, but there are few charities in other countries that want to help young people as well as adults.

I personally have never really looked for Mental Health organizations online in the UK, purely because I was too scared. I’m not quite sure what I was scared of, but I just knew it was something. But after doing some research for today’s blog, there’s actually quite a number of support groups and charities all willing to help those in need.

I’m guessing, this is just a guess so don’t take my word for it, SANE is one of the most well known ones in the UK. The reason for my assumption is, it’s been going on for 25 years this year after a publication in The Times back in 1986 had an overwhelming response from the public to a series of articles entitled “The Forgotten Illness.” These articles were written by the Charity’s finder, Marjorie Wallace, who exposed the neglect of those suffering from Mental Illness and the poor information given to individuals and there families. There aim is to raise public awareness and bring more professional treatment and care to those affected by mental illness.

Now these are just a select few of ways to help overcome your mental illness, but I’m sure there are hundreds of more organizations out there, just waiting for someone like yourself to get the help you truly deserve.

Till Next Tim, Amber. – SANE Website – Project Semicolon Website – The Butterfly Project – Time To Change Website



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