Were Did The Times Go?

Memories. The good, the bad, we remember them all. The memories we least want to remember are the ones freshest in our minds as a constant reminder of a failure that we have become or shows us something that we don’t want to remember. It’s pretty shitty when you try your hardest to forget; but there is no possible way to ever forget the past.

The memories we create are so scarred to us and remind us of how things used to be. Whether they were good times or bad times, it shows us how we became to be the person we are today. Memories don’t have to be just a replay of something in our minds but they can be triggered by a song, a movie, a photograph or anything that you can think of. Some have scars that remind them of memories that they have, no one should have scars but we do, it could be physical scars or scars on the inside. It doesn’t matter how you got those scars but they are a memory of your past life that will stay with you till the day you die.

The past, the present and the future all have memories or are awaiting for memories to be made but they won’t happen if you don’t make them happen. Memories can lead to painful times; when I look back at my failed relationships it reminds me of what I shitty person I am; although most of the failures aren’t my fault. I didn’t break up with them…they broke up with me. Now suffering from depression, times like these makes things about 10 times worse as the memories will just keep replaying in your mind on a non stop repeat. There’s no way that we can control these but I wish there was someone way that we could.
No one wants to relive the horrific moment in the past but memories makes us do this. I find that it’s the bad memories that get played more often than the happy ones. But that’s what depression does to you. It blocks out the good and makes you focus on the bad and I personally fucking hate it.
I wish some things weren’t memories but I can’t change that now…and nor can you.

Till Next Time, Amber.


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