Let Me Take You Into Another World…

This week I thought I’d write about something slightly different to my normal blog. I have decided to share my love for books and how they can help people in a variety of ways and give great advice at the same time.

The great thing I find with books is, as well as teaching us about different aspects of life, it can help you change your own life. It’s also another way to escape reality when you need to, when you feel like your in a bit of a shit mood, pick up a book and let it transport you into a new world. Be it Narnia, Hogwarts or Wonderland, it’s a place where no one dares to dream. It also reminds you that yeah life can be a bit shitty at times, but it doesn’t have to stay that way forever. Any one can change if they really wanted to.

I know Hogwarts and Wonderland are fiction based but not all books are like that. One of my favorite Authors, Cathy Glass, writes about her experiences of fostering children. It’s all true but for legal reasons they have to change the names of those she has fostered, but it really gives you another aspect of life and opens your eyes to some things that no one really talks about.
At the age of 13, I read my first book that broke my heart, a book based on a true story, based on a girl who self harmed and tried to kill herself who was the same age as I was at the time of reading. It really showed me an aspect of life that I had never seen before. It showed that it was okay to feel like absolute shit sometimes but you can easily turn it around with a bit of help and guidance from those around you. It’s all just a matter of time and wanting to help yourself.

As well as helping me it has helped many people just like me to see that not everything is all doom and gloom and that others feel like that as well. So you are not alone!

One of my all time favourite sayings is “Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover”. A saying like that couldn’t be more true, just because a book doesn’t look good doesn’t mean it isn’t. The same goes for people. People may think your obnoxious or a slut but doesn’t mean that you are one, and it certainly doesn’t define who you are.

Like they say, a Book is a friend that never leaves you. Yeah they are fictional characters but who cares? When you need cheering up, sometimes a book and a cup of tea are the only medication you need.
Also joining a “Book Fandom” can lead to better things, like internet friends (I have quite a few and I love them to the worlds end) and no one there will judge you for liking a certain thing or looking a certain way.

The good thing about reading is it’s not just for older people, but for younger ones as well. And if I am honest, not enough youngsters are reading, leading them not to be dreamers and spending majority of the time on there electronic devices. A book transports you, causing you to use you imagination and creating a connection with you and the character within the book.

It doesn’t matter about how fast you can read or if you take longer time to process because books don’t have expiry dates. So let the world of fiction take you away.

Till Next Time, Amber.


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