Where Would You Place Yourself?

This week’s blog is about Society and hopefully I won’t write too much about how shitty it is.

The dictionary definition of Society (from the Urban Dictionary) is – A group of people that set a standard and everyone that is affected by that standard is part of it. As sad as it is, everyone is affected by society even if they do not feel like they are. People now a days feels like they need to dress a certain way or be a certain type of person, when really you shouldn’t care what anyone says about you. But Society is filled of judgmental people, if you are different from the rest, you will fucking know about it, they will never let you forget. Which is why I despise society. As soon as you enter school, college or a new club, you are instantly put into a category, be it Popular or an underdog. No one can prevent it from happening, it just happens naturally.

I guess it’s just a case of finding a group that you fit into and finding those that accept you, for you and not someone that they want you to be. As soon as you find that group of friends, screw the rest, if they can’t see how amazing you are then tell them where to shove it.

Yes we blame society, but we are society at the end of the day. We may not be able to change it but over decades what’s classed as “acceptable” has altered majorly, as well as what classes as “beautiful”, “labels” and so on. In the 1950’s Marilyn Monroe was considered as one of the most beautiful people of that era, she wasn’t a size 6 and didn’t have perfect skin. She was exactly like alot of girls and women of this era but over time society has made it out that you need to be below a size 8 to be beautiful and being skinny is better than being healthy. Which is wrong, who cares if your a size 6 or a size 16, everyone is beautiful no matter what. So ignore society and ignore the haters as no one really needs them in there lives.

As long as you are comfortable in your body then that’s all that matters, and should matter!

The society we have created isn’t right and isn’t healthy, it causes people to feel like outcasts, causes them to feel like they aren’t enough and are worthless.
Being a virgin makes you a “fridged” but if you aren’t it makes you a “slut” but does it really matter? Who really gives a damn if you’ve slept with 2 people or 200 people, that’s no ones business apart from your own, as long as your comfortable with that than nothing else should matter. It’s abit of a messed up system, and is very contradicting like if your a size 6 your “unhealthy” but also if your a size 12 you are also “unhealthy”, it just doesn’t make any sense. It’s like you can’t win with society.

One of the only good things that has come out of the “latest type of society” is the understanding of mental illness. 25 years ago it wasn’t seen as an illness, it was more of a disease that could be “cured”, like being homosexual. They thought by giving you medication it would make you become “normal” and like an average person in that time era. But now it has become socially acceptable to have depression or to be homosexual, bisexual or anything like that that never used to be acceptable in that time.

Not everyone you meet deserve to be labelled, but many of us are and there is no hiding from that. You’ve just got to ignore it and accept who you are.

Till Next Time, Amber.


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