So Far Away.

This weeks blog is about Internet Friends and how amazing, wonderful and awesome they are! I myself have quite a few friends that I met via the internet, mainly through Twitter, all thanks to fandoms (as that’s where most of them came from.)

If I am being 100% honest, meeting my internet friends was one of the best things to ever happen me in the entirety of my life. They have been their for me since day one of meeting them and I would be so lost without them. At times they are able to cheer me up from 100s of miles away even when someone is next to me trying to do the same thing, but being unsuccessful. Although they can be on the other side of the world, they will still be their for you through your darkest times, even with the time zones interfering majority of the time.

I mainly met my friends through fandoms, either Glee or Harry Potter, but it was mainly thanks to Glee that I met them. We all shared the same love for Glee and fangirled quite a bit over them and didn’t feel judged for doing so. Having friends that share the same interests with you is a wonderful thing to have, you never feel judged for having a “Fangirl Moment” and nine times out of ten, they will fangirl with you.

My internet Friends aren’t just friends, they are part of my family, although we don’t talk all the time, we are still there at a drop of a hat. But that’s the great thing about them types of friends, no matter what time of the day it is they will also be their, if they are asleep they will answer straight away as soon as they wake up because they will worry about you. Which I think is actually quite lovely, the fact they are worried about me and about others although I could be 1000s of miles away from them.

Internet Friends aren’t just ordinary friends…they are friends for life. And if your lucky you’ll meet them one day, I hope I meet mine soon.

Til Next Time, Amber.


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