Don’t Be Someone’s Part Timer

This week I decided to write about something that has been getting me down quite a lot recently. It’s about how I honestly feel about certain people who forgot there friends once they get into a ‘relationship’.

Well I say certain people, I mostly mean one, and I highly doubt they know who they are because nothing really matters when it comes to me. I’m just a place holder until something better comes along. Most of the time it’s the person they are dating at the present time. They never used to be like that, even in past relationships but now they are some one I do not know and someone  I personally don’t want to associate myself with. Because they are forgetting the ones who will be there to pick up the pieces when it all goes to shit.

Yes people change when they get into a new relationship but not as much as they did. They changed so much that it’s not healthy and some may call it obsession. Being glued to the phone on a night out clubbing isn’t exactly fun for those you are with nor is taking your friends to their other halves work because they are working at that time.
It is one of the most annoyest thing going, I some times legit want to smash there phone into tiny little pieces.
In a relationship you need time apart and your own space otherwise it comes across as over bearing and obsessive at times. Which is exactly why some relationships do not work, like AT ALL!

Apart from that, they always seem to get me down about my own relationship with my boyfriend. Everyones relationship is going to be different, I’m not saying that they are all exactly the same. But sometimes they just move far too quickly which isn’t always healthy.
It just gets my down, a lot. I’m not saying my relationship is perfect because I know it isn’t but who I choose to be with is up to me, not up to every other fucker who likes to stick there nose in.

But it’s not just my relationship that they seem to dictate, it’s who I can and can’t talk to as well. It’s up to me whether or not I choose to stay friends with there ex. I’m not going to throw away a good friendship because they were being an ass hole and broke up with them. It’s not my fault, it’s there’s. What there ex’s do shouldn’t really affect them any way, so I don’t see why it is such a big deal.
It’s no wonder people have stopped talking to them meaning that they only have 2 people who aren’t absolutely done with the bull shit that they come up with. That could be because they don’t know the TRUTH about them!

In my opinion you should never manipulate someone because you want them when you need them! It’s wrong and they deserve better than that. They deserve better friends that people like that.

Sorry about the rant, it was just really getting me down and I needed to feel like I was being heard.


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