Healing The Brokeness

I know I haven't posted in a while and I am genuinely sorry for that. I just had no idea on what to write about, all my ideas just didn't seem worthy of writing and probably wouldn't of helped in the slightest. But then I suddenly thought of this blog to write. Recently I have…Read more Healing The Brokeness


Just shoot me already!

This weeks title may seem about risky and a little bit weird but honestly it all ties in. I wanted to talk about triggers. Not triggers on a gun but something that triggers you to act a certain way or to do a specific thing. It can be the smallest thing that causes these or…Read more Just shoot me already!

The Semi-Butterfly Project.

As you can probably tell, this weeks blog is about Self Help. (I will put the websites at the bottom to all the sites I used to get information from.) There are a variety of Projects that give support, and raise awareness, for things like Self Harm, Depression and other forms of Mental Illness. One…Read more The Semi-Butterfly Project.

“We Just Want To Help”

So today I wanted to talk about school life. Some say there school days “where the best days of their lives” but that was back when all the mental illnesses were a taboo subject, no one ever talked about it because they were certain it didn’t exist and people were just trying to seek attention…Read more “We Just Want To Help”