Break Ups!

I feel it is very cliche to write a blog about break ups after the amount I have gone through, but I hope I will never have to go through that feeling ever again. But I thought it may help others to know about how I overcame a break up and my tips for how…Read more Break Ups!


All Alone Again…

Well what is there to say that hasn't already been said. I will keep repeating the same words over and over in my head in the same order. "Worthless", "Unwanted" and worst of all, "Alone". No one likes being alone, you can feel lonely in a crowded room, you don't necessarily have to be by yourself. Unwanted - it always…Read more All Alone Again…

Healing The Brokeness

I know I haven't posted in a while and I am genuinely sorry for that. I just had no idea on what to write about, all my ideas just didn't seem worthy of writing and probably wouldn't of helped in the slightest. But then I suddenly thought of this blog to write. Recently I have…Read more Healing The Brokeness